Best thing that ever happened to me.

Tony knocked on my door one day and asked me if I wanted to sell my house to a near by business. I had just gotten up from a nap and was kind of out of it so I blew him off. After talking to my neighbors a couple months later they told me that I had to call this guy back, so I did. Best thing that ever happened to me. Tony helped us get a good price for our old house and worked really hard in getting us into our current house for a very fair price. I was very honest with him on what we could afford and gave him a very specific price/payment amount. He totally respected that and never pushed us to spend a dollar more. In fact, he got us what we wanted for $10k less than the max I told him we would spend. Tony is just a good, honest , down to earth person that I’m glad I met, and if I ever decide to move, he’s my guy.